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Most of us lead busy lives, your health needs to be a top priority.  I make it easy for you to take care of your health and wellness, from the comfort of your home, or office.
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Wellness specifically designed for busy people 













Hello, I am Nichole Moffatt, as a Nutritionist I can relate to your busy business lifestyle.  I am a busy wife, mother and business woman myself, and know how valuable your time is! 






Your health, wellness and taking care of yourself and well-being is important.  You can’t keep putting it all off until tomorrow and expect to feel healthy and well.  Symptoms such as: insomnia, feeling stressed, anxiety and mood issues, muscle tension, fatigue, digestive issues, heartburn, constipation, bloating and more, are all signs that your body is out of balance.


Your body needs attention and is beginning to move towards a state of disorder and disease.  You need to act now, pay attention to the subtle signs that your body is giving you.  Give your body the attention that it craves, start nurturing your body today, with healthy foods and a balanced lifestyle. 


My specialized and individualized programs are an affordable, effortless way to nurture your body, create balance in your life and FEEL the results with improved energy and digestion, more restful sleep and better moods.


By investing time in your health and in a complete wellness program, you only have to commit yourself, to a one hour a month appointment for your one on one BASE allergy sessions.   All nutrition counselling appointments can be scheduled and completed from the comfort of your home or office.

BASE (body analysis sensitivity elimination) sessions are essential, as most of us have unknown sensitivities and intolerance's that contribute to the unwanted symptoms that we experience in our daily lives.  BASE allergy sessions help to identify these underlying issues and promote balance and healing in your body systems, often relieving symptoms in only a few sessions.

















Investing in a  Complete Nutrition program means, that all of your nutrition needs including special diets, and meal planning  are addressed, without you ever having to leave the comfort of your home or office.  You can choose to attend appointments in person, if you would prefer to.















Click below to learn more about these life changing programs for busy people and how they can help you change your life without having to worry about how you will find the time to do it!



Nichole Moffatt, CHN, NNCP, Allergy Consultant

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