TrueView Assessment

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The TrueView Assessment Questionnaire, helps us to get an idea of your current body system functioning, vitamin and mineral excesses or deficiencies and possible chemical and heavy metal toxicities that may need to be addressed.

TrueView Wellness Assessment

The TrueView Assessment Questionnaire, is included as part of your initial appointment. 


  • Why do I ask you to fill out three questionnaires?

  • Because all three are different, one is for your body systems (organ systems and glandular systems) the second one is for your nutrients (vitamins and minerals) the third is to access possible chemical and heavy metal toxicities.

  • How is the TrueView Assessment helpful?

  • I use this questionnaire along with your personal health history and  your comments or symptoms to help devise a proper nutrition plan for you.


  • How are the answers generated for the TrueView Assessment?

  • The answers are generated, based on how you answer the questions in the questionnaires provided.  You will answer them using numbers from 0-5, "0" meaning that you don't have that symptom or issue at all, "1" would mean that you have it some of the time, and 5 would mean that you have it everyday and it is very severe, "2", "3", and "4" would mean that it is somewhere in between.  I take your answers and input them into the program, which was created by the directors of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioners and, the results are calculated based on your answers.  You are then provided with a graphed result.  Which looks like this:



























  • TrueView Assessments can be repeated several months after the start of a nutrition program, to help show the progress you have made, if you choose to do so.


  • You also receive detailed TrueView Focus pages, which inform you about each graphed result and what you can do to improve each issue, such as: what you should be eating, what you shouldn't be eating and supplements that you can be taking to help support proper functioning.


  • Book your Initial nutrition counselling appointment today, and receive your TrueView Assessment.


Nutrition Initial Consultation, includes, client intake, nutrition assessment and sensitivity testing 1-1.5 hours  $75.00  

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