Client Testmonials

Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their lives with the help of Nutrition Counselling and BASE Allergy Sessions!

"I came to see Nichole as I had been suffering from chronic insomnia, panic attacks and severe anxiety, for over four months."  


"Working with Nichole was an incredible experience.  I found that after only a few BASE sessions, I started to find relief from my symptoms."  


"Through her extensive training and very sharp intuition, Nichole was able to accurately determine the underlying problems and imbalances that were contributing to my condition. " 


"I feel a tremendous amount of gratitude in my heart for the opportunity to work with Nichole.  Her method of investigation enabled her to explore beyond the surface level of what I was suffering from.  The muscle testing technique, revealed issues that likely would have otherwise, never been identified. This allowed Nichole to design a well tailored treatment schedule that helped me to find a state of well-being and health once again."

Mark Ross, Peterborough, Ontario

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Nichole is wonderful. She is patient and very knowledgeable . I saw results from my base treatments after my first visit .

Sandy Greenberg, Peterborough, Ontario

"I am able to sleep better and feel my immune system is much stronger than it was when I first came to Nichole for help".


"I am able to return to a state of equilibrium much more quickly than before I began the treatments".

 "I feel after a session with Nichole as though I have cleaned out elements and toxins that were affecting my health and well-being.   "Anxiety disappears".

Jane Davidson, Peterborough, Ontario

As a diabetic, I have struggled with maintaining my blood sugar levels.


With Nichole's guidance, expertise and support.  I have made positive

changes in my diet and lifestyle, that have made a significant impact in my life.


My blood sugar levels are much lower and I feel healthy and full of energy.

I use BASE allergy therapy sessions to address my sensitivities and help provide balance to my body.  BASE has helped to improve my blood sugar levels.  After a treatment my blood sugar levels improve for four to six weeks, without me making changes to my diet.

Lois M, Campbellford, Ontario