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Seeing a Nutritionist is a positive experience

Updated: Dec 21, 2017

Seeing a nutritionist doesn’t mean you are going to have to change your whole life!

I am writing this as I see that there seems to be a common misconception among most people, that if you go to see a nutritionist, it means you must overhaul your lifestyle and everything you eat! This is not true! At least it is not true, if you choose to come see me for a nutrition consultation, or work with me to help resolve your allergy related issues.

As a holistic nutritionist, I realize that change is hard, but it is often needed to help clients solve issues that they come to me with, looking for answers. Although I do encourage clients to implement change, I do not ask them to change many things in their lifestyle all at once. Making one simple minor change at a time, is very effective, not overwhelming and often much more successful, than putting a client on a program to overhaul their entire life. I may ask a client to try to drink more water, try to eat more vegetables, or to try to eat more fruits, these are common suggestions that I give my clients. I wouldn’t give you these three recommendations all at once, normally just one or maybe two at a time. The thing is, that unless you do make some changes, everything will stay the same, you will be left battling with the same issues that you came to me with in the beginning. I realize that change is hard, I have been there. I had to make many, many changes in my own life, including the way that I eat and live in order to continue living my own life, without being confined to my bed everyday.

I usually ask, when we first start our consultations, for you to keep a food diary for me, for a few days. This is asked of a client, so that I can look at what they are currently eating and see ways where I can make recommendations for simple modifications to their current diet, to make it a little healthier! I don’t ask for food diaries so I can scrutinize what you eat everyday, or judge you in any way. I believe a healthy lifestyle is all about balance and balance is about making changes you feel good about and you feel comfortable making, to help improve your health.

What I am trying to convey is that, you don’t need to have any fears about seeing a holistic nutritionist. It doesn’t mean your life is going to get flipped upside down, you are going to have to buy all organic foods, or you are going to have to spend a fortune on supplements or at the grocery store. I won’t make you give up your favorite food. I don’t expect you to eat the way I eat and live the way that I live. I am here to help by assessing any potential nutrient imbalances you may have and to see how they may relate to your current issues.

I provide information, advice and support so that you can make informed choices and minor changes, if you should decide that those changes are best for you and your body. Addressing nutrient imbalances in the body and choosing to take care of yourself, nourishing your body with as many whole foods as you can and eating less processed and pre-packaged foods, will go a long way to help you to live a life full of energy and excellent health. If you’ve been contemplating visiting a nutritionist, but were afraid that it was something that you would find too hard, I would urge you to reconsider. You only get one chance at good health, you only have one body! The way that you nourish and treat your body, will determine your future health. If you want to live your life free of disease, disorder and imbalances in the body, you need to be taking care of your body. Visit your local holistic nutritionist, nutritionist, natural nutrition clinical practitioner, or other practicing nutritionist today!

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