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Do you have food cravings? A food craving can be your bodies way of communicating it's needs.

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Everyone has that one food that beckons to them, seems to call their name. Food cravings can be viewed by many as a weakness. The reality is, that most food cravings, are the bodies way of trying to communicate with us, about what it might be lacking, deficient in, have an imbalance related to, or craving because of an energy imbalance.


For many of us, the ultimate craving is sweets. For others, the ultimate craving is salty snacks like chips and pretzels, or even chocolate! For me, sugar isn't an issue, it used to be. I have found that once you eliminate most sugars from your diet, you become sensitive to the taste of sugars and find that the things you once craved suddenly taste "too sweet'. Sugar cravings can be a sign of blood sugar imbalances. Maybe you're craving that sugar because your blood sugar is too low, or you are having issues with insulin resistance.

What your cravings could mean

Once in a while I have a craving for something salty or some chocolate.

I do, indulge in my cravings. In the healthiest way possible.

If I am craving chocolate, knowing it is often a sign that the body needs magnesium. I will indulge in some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is much healthier for you than milk chocolate and can help you get your daily recommended intake of magnesium.

Salt cravings and your adrenals

Do you crave salty things? If you consistently crave salt it could be, a sign that you have an adrenal imbalance. Meaning that your adrenals could be stressed. Adrenal Glands manufacture our stress hormones. Adrenal imbalances can often be linked to thyroid issues. Learn more about adrenal fatigue here: https://www.eathealthy2bpainfree.com/blog/understanding-stress-and-adrenal-fatigue

Do you crave milk, cheese, ice cream or yogurt? This could be a sign that your body is lacking calcium.


Craving certain foods can also be a sign that you are allergic to the foods that you are craving. Believe it or not, we often crave the foods that our bodies are the most sensitive or allergic to. I have tested many people for allergies and sensitivities and often find that the people who are “chocolate addicts” are allergic to chocolate, and the carbohydrate and bread addicts are often allergic to wheat and gluten.

Everyone has Cravings

My point is, that everyone has cravings! Instead of looking at your cravings as an annoyance, pay attention! Most cravings are your body trying to tell you that it is lacking something that it needs. Don’t be hard on yourself because you slipped up and ate that thing you craved. If you would like to get some answers, as to why you might be craving the foods, you crave, it's a clever idea to consult with a professional such as myself to get to the bottom of why you are craving these foods. Nutritional (vitamin and mineral) deficiencies, blood sugar imbalances and adrenal imbalances are just a few of many reasons your body may be craving certain foods! Solving your food craving issues, will help to ensure you reach your nutritional goals!

Fiber, an alternative way to remedy your cravings!

Recently, Dr. Oz was discussing food cravings on his show. This quote was taken directly from his website: "Fiber and fibrous foods help your gut produce short-chain fatty acids and gas which send signals to your brain to turn off your cravings. Make sure you're eating at least 30 grams of fiber each day from nutrient-dense foods to feed your gut and stop your cravings". http://www.doctoroz.com/recipe-collection/fiber-rich-recipes-help-reduce-cravings

Make sure that you are eating at least 25-30 grams of fiber daily to help curb cravings

It turns out that fiber is extremely important, to curb cravings and many of us aren't getting any where near the 25-38 grams that are recommended daily! If you aren't eating a fairly healthful diet, you won't be getting nearly enough fiber in your daily diet to help curb those cravings!

Here are some easy ways to add fiber to your daily diet:

-Eat more fruits and vegetables, both fruits and vegetables are full of fibre and nutrients!

-Eat more whole grains, like oats and whole fibre breads and cereals.

-Add whole or ground flax seeds or chia seeds to your cereals or smoothies.

-Add (sprinkle) wheat germ, wheat or oat bran on cereals.

-Take a psyllium fibre supplement, such as metamucil.

-Eat an apple for a snack! -Substitute nuts for chips and other unhealthy snacks, nuts contain healthy fibre and fats. (just don't eat too many!)

-Eat a salad with meat, such as a chicken breast or low sodium tuna in it, with all of the lettuce and veggies that you enjoy and a dressing of your choice on it for your lunch. This is much higher in fibre and nutrition, than a plain old sandwich and you will find that it is surprisingly filling, because of the amount of fiber that it contains.

Sensitivity and imbalance testing can help to reveal sensitivities that relate to food cravings, such as sugar addictions, chocolate cravings, coffee cravings and more. BASE allergy sessions can be used to help relieve these cravings. https://www.eathealthy2bpainfree.com/base-allergy-sessions

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