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Common allergy signs and symptoms

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Common allergy signs and symptoms can be many, often we don't recognize the many signs and symptoms that can be attributed to allergies.

The signs and symptoms that you could be living with annoying allergy symptoms are sometimes not so obvious.

These are symptoms that most of us recognize as being related to allergic reactions.



Runny nose

Nasal congestion


Breathing difficulties

Swelling around eyes, nose, in mouth or throat


Other not often recognized, allergy signs and symptoms: Gastrointestinal system: Canker sores, stomach ulcers, gas irritable colon, ulcerative colitis, stomach aches, constipations, diarrhea, or celiac disease

Genitourinary system: bedwetting, chronic bladder infections, kidney disease, fluid retention and bloating.

Immune system: chronic infections including ear infections and swollen glands under the jaw, armpits and groin.

Mental/emotional symptoms: anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, insomnia, irritability, mental confusion, personality changes and sleep disorders.

Musculoskeletal symptoms: asthma, chronic bronchitis, wheezing, hay fever, and frequent stuffy nose.

Skin symptoms: acne, eczema, hives and itching.

Face symptoms: dark circles under the eyes, puffiness under the eyes, horizontal creases in the lower eye lids, pale complexion, expressionless face, itchy red eyes.

Other symptoms: irregular heart rate, red burning ears, fainting spells, headaches, itchy nose or throat, migraines, sinusitis, seizures, excessive thirst, stuttering, high pitched voice, itchy rectum, pimples on buttocks and hyperactivity.

Mild allergies, sensitivities, intolerance's

Often mild sensitivities or intolerance's don’t cause the same kind of reactions that a true allergy does, experience signs and symptoms that may be more like these below. While these are still unwanted symptoms, they are not quite as serious as the symptoms above, that we would typically recognize as an allergic reaction. These symptoms, still deserve your attention, having allergy and sensitivity testing done to identify the cause is a clever idea. Living with the effects of these annoying symptoms below for the rest of your life, isn’t!

symptoms experienced, when we have mild allergies, intolerance's or sensitivities:





Chronic nasal congestion


Digestive symptoms, such as constipation and diarrhea

Headaches and migraines

There is help available!

As you can see many of the symptoms that we encounter in our lives, that we find down right annoying, can often be attributed to allergies, intolerance's or sensitives.

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