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BASE, A Natural Allergy Solution

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Consider BASE (Body Analysis Sensitivity Elimination ) allergy sessions instead of taking allergy medicines to cope with your allergy symptoms, this season.


When you first consider the cost associated with BASE allergy sessions it may seem like a lot of money to invest in treating your allergies. Have you considered what you spend treating your allergies symptoms season after season and year after year?

What if you invested just a little bit more in relieving your seasonal allergies this year, so that next year you wouldn’t have to invest money in allergy pills, plus other medications to just cope with your daily symptoms?

Allergy pills and medication costs add up fast

On average, allergy season begins the end of March or First of April and ends the end of October, when we get enough heavy frost to kill off all the pollen producing plants. This means that you must medicate your seasonal allergies approximately seven months or more a year.

You will be purchasing about two hundred and ten, to four hundred and twenty allergy pills a year, depending on whether you take twenty-four hour or twelve hour long lasting pills. These pills can range in price from about $20.00 for fifteen doses to upwards of $30.00 for 30 doses. Meaning that you are spending anywhere from $210.00 to $280.00 per season just on allergy pills.

Do you require additional allergy treatments, beyond pills?

Many people require additional allergy treatment, beyond allergy pills, such as allergy sprays, decongestants, eye drops for dry, red and itchy eyes, ibuprofen or acetaminophen (for pain and inflammation) and tons of tissues, for all that sneezing and congestion. These additional medications add up over the allergy season. Once you consider how much you spend in a year on your allergies BASE allergy sessions are very economical. You won’t have to buy allergy medications next year. You will no longer just cope with the symptoms, they will be gone.

I have struggled with allergies myself

If you are wondering how I know so much about seasonal allergies and the cost of allergy pills, I can tell you that I have suffered in the past with seasonal allergies and chronic sinusitis. I had allergies that were identified by an allergist to ragweed, many different trees and grass. I have treated my allergies using BASE allergy therapy and no longer need allergy pills. I used to avoid going outside during the summer months, because even with allergy pills, I would immediately become congested. Since having BASE allergy therapy treatments, I no longer have symptoms.

How does BASE allergy therapy work?

Allergies/sensitivities are identified, using applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and electromagnetically charged vials. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1847521/

BASE allergy sessions work on the meridian systems, using acupuncture points. There are no needles used during a BASE allergy therapy session. The session itself, is very relaxing and painless. BASE helps re-balance your body systems, relieving symptoms of allergies, intolerance's and imbalances. It often takes more than one session to provide lasting relief from your symptoms, as more imbalance's and sensitivities are usually identified and need to be relieved to provide balance to the body systems. Five BASE sessions are usually recommended. During these BASE sessions, multiple sensitivities and imbalances can be treated as well as nutritional and organ system issues, hormonal imbalances and underlying emotional issues. At the end of five treatments, the body is re-balanced, sensitivities, intolerance's and imbalances are relieved and vitamin, minerals and toxicities are addressed. BASE works well for seasonal allergies, food sensitivities, anxiety, rashes (eczema, psoriasis) and more.

For more information about BASE allergy sessions: email Nichole at Inner Balance Health Solutions. I am always happy to answer your questions. innerbalance@eathealthy2bpainfree.com

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