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A Simple, Healthy Resolution for 2018

Have you made a resolution to be healthier this New Year? Many of us have, we make resolutions every January, to be healthier, but these resolutions some how seem to fade away within a few weeks or months.

For most of us, the hopeful resolutions fade, because they are just too hard to keep. So why not make a resolution this year that will be easy to keep AND will benefit your health in tremendous ways?

One simple change I am talking about making one simple change, to improve your health and well-being. This change, isn’t going to take up hours of your day. This is one thing that you can do to help improve your health and well-being and, is super easy. Start adding a “green smoothie” to your daily routine. Whether it be your breakfast, a “snack”, whatever! It doesn’t matter!

What exactly is a “green smoothie”? That is completely up to you. It can be; Vegetables, fruit, milk, yogurt, vitamins, minerals, protein powders, greens powders.

What I put in mine: A handful of fresh spinach or mixed greens, cucumber, carrots, celery, parsley, spirulina, chia seeds (ground), frozen blueberries or strawberries, coconut or almond milk, avocado and a bit of protein powder of some sort.

You do not have to put these things in your green smoothie.

I take all the ingredients and blend them up in my blender. I should mention, you need a decent quality blender to effectively blend all this stuff up. I use the Ninja professional 1500-Watt blender.

Try to use organic ingredients

Most the ingredients I use are organic, I would encourage you to try and use as many organic ingredients as possible. Eating and drinking regular fruits and vegetables that are heavily sprayed with pesticides and possibly genetically modified, are not going to help your body, especially when the idea is to aid in detoxification.

I am guessing your next question is, why would I want to drink a “green smoothie” everyday?

Anything green helps to detoxify the organs in the body, especially the liver. Since the liver is responsible for filtering out most of the bad “junk” in your body it’s important to keep it in great shape. If you find yourself gaining weight, feeling sluggish, constipated, bloated, having bouts of heartburn or indigestion, these are all signs that your liver isn’t functioning optimally. This is just one more reason to add some more green to your daily diet!

A green smoothie is a quick, efficient and healthy way to help your liver to detoxify, add fiber to your diet, eat more raw fruits and vegetables, and increase your daily fruit and vegetable intake. A green drink fills you up, decreasing the number of calories that you are taking in throughout the day. I make more than 1 serving at a time so that when I get the mid afternoon or evening hunger pangs, or cravings, I can go get the green smoothie that I made and have some of it to fill me up! Adding that splash of lemon juice prevents oxidation and allows it to keep for several days in the fridge.

Choose your favorite combination

Whatever the combination you should choose, please consider adding a green smoothie to your daily routine. I think it may be one New Year’s resolution, that will yield the results that you are looking for AND will be an easy enough resolution, for you to keep this year!

In addition to nutrition consulting, I provide the BASE allergy program, this program helps to identify and relieve allergy symptoms. Don't spend another year suffering from allergy symptoms or avoiding foods that you love to eat!


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