Nutrition Counselling

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Nutrition Counselling is helpful to people of all ages and stages in life for many issues, to help improve symptoms due to diagnosed disease and disorder in the body, to prevent future disease and disorder in the body and body systems and to help provide relief of allergic symptoms and so much more.... 

Initial Nutrition Counselling Consultation

Your initial Nutrition Counselling consultation includes:  


  • Client Intake includes a review of your current health

  • Explanation of the issue you have came to see me about

  •  Going over the medications and supplements you are currently taking 

  • Talking about your health goals

  • Talking about your favorite foods and current eating habits

  • Discussing your family health history


  • I will follow up via email (or phone if you don’t have email) 1-2 days after the initial consultation to see how you are doing and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.


  • During our next Nutrition Counselling appointments we will  set forth a plan of action to get you working towards your health goal(s) through diet modification, lifestyle changes and, possibly nutrient supplementation, using the information collected during your initial consultation appointment.   Everyone is very individual and I address each and every clients needs individually.


As a diabetic, I have struggled with maintaining my blood sugar levels.


With Nichole's guidance, expertise and support.  I have made positive

changes in my diet and lifestyle, that have made a significant impact in my life.


My blood sugar levels are much lower and I feel healthy and full of energy.

Lois M, Campbellford, Ontario





Follow up Nutrition Counselling Appointments


  •  During nutrition counselling follow up appointments, we will track the progress you have made towards your health goal, assess further progress that needs to be made and we will make new diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations as needed to help you to succeed in reaching your health goal.   Follow up via email (or phone if you don’t have email) 1-2 days after your appointment to make sure that you are doing well with the changes we have made, during our appointment.



Meal planning: includes 7 day meal plan, tailored to your dietary needs, grocery shopping list and guidance of how to prepare foods, this includes a 20 minute session to discuss your meal plan.


Have you tried nutrition counselling before and found that the results were not fast enough for you?  BASE (Body Analysis Sensitivity Elimination) combined with nutrition counselling produces faster results.

Payment plans are available for Nutrition counselling, call Nichole and she will work out a package that works for you 705-872-2588.

Is Nutrition Counselling covered with my insurance benefits?  See FAQ’s here:


Cash, cheque, debit, visa and MasterCard are accepted forms of payment.

















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