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The Mpluse sauna has features that many other saunas don’t such as, when using it you are exposed to all 3 levels of infrared rays near, mid and far infrared rays.  Each type of infrared ray provides you with certain health benefits, so using a sauna that can provide you with exposure to all three infrared rays is very beneficial.

What Is the Difference between Near, Mid and Far Infrared?

In a nutshell, the various infrared wavelengths precisely target health goals by offering a wide range of benefits. As you can see in the chart (below), Near, Mid and Far Infrared each provides its own special benefits:

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Near infrared waves have a shorter frequency range and penetrate the epidermis layer of the skin. This effect makes it a safe and optimal choice for skin rejuvenation, wound healing and skin health.

Near infrared technology used in Sunlighten Infrared Saunas is similar to the infrared used in cosmetic and healing devices. The LED technology we use allows our heaters to produce consistent near infrared without extreme heat or light, making it a safe option for near infrared use.


Mid Infrared

Because mid infrared wavelengths penetrate deeper into the body, they are beneficial for increasing circulation. So much so that mid infrared therapy mirrors the benefits of a passive cardiovascular workout! Regular mid infrared sauna therapy has been shown to significantly stimulate blood flow – its effects continuing on even after the sauna session is completed.

Far Infrared

Because far infrared sauna therapy heats the body directly rather than simply warming the air, it raises the core body temperature and produces a deep, detoxifying sweat at the cellular level, where most toxins reside. Far infrared also aids in blood pressure reduction & weight loss, burning up to 600 calories in one 40-minute session!
We are so proud of our clinically-backed saunas, which offer the full healing powers of Near, Mid and Far Infrared heat.


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This sauna also provides you with a choice of different sauna cycles to choose from, cycles are about 35-45 minutes in length.  You can do cardio, detoxification, pain relief, relaxation, weight loss or a skin health cycle.  The choice is yours, you pick based on your health needs at the time of your sauna. 


Health precautions 

You should always check with your doctor before beginning any new health program, especially if you have any sort of disease or disorder. 

“says Dr. Harvey Simon, editor-in-chief of Harvard Men's Health Watch. However, heart patients should check with their doctors before taking a sauna. Studies show them to be safe for people with stable coronary artery disease. "But patients with poorly controlled blood pressure, abnormal heart rhythms, unstable angina, and advanced heart failure or heart valve disease will probably be advised to stay cool," says Dr. Simon.

He suggests that sauna users follow these simple precautions:

  • Avoid alcohol and medications that may impair sweating and produce overheating before and after your sauna.

  • Stay in no more than 15–20 minutes.

  • Cool down gradually afterward.

  • Drink two to four glasses of cool water after each sauna.

  • Don't take a sauna when you are ill, and if you feel unwell during your sauna, head for the door.   


  • Infrared sauna sessions are contraindicated for children, those with heart issues and high blood pressure

  • You will be required to sign a health waiver before enjoying your sauna session.


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