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Will my insurance Company provide coverage for your services?


If your insurance provides coverage for a Nutritionist, Nutrition Counselling or Nutrition consulting, you should be covered.  Sauna sessions are not covered under extended health benefits.   Insurance companies that I know provide coverage for my nutrition counselling services are:  ManulifeGreenshield and iA Financial Group.  The only issue that I have encountered is that some clients have been asked for a Doctor's referral, to be able to use their benefits.  It is always best for you to call your insurance provider ahead of time and confirm what your insurance benefit package provides coverage for you for.


Will Inner Balance Health Solutions Direct Bill my insurance company?


No, Inner Balance Health Solutions does not direct bill your insurance company.  I will provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance company complete with the CANNP (Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Clinical Practioners) logo and my NNCP (Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner) number, which will help to avoid any issues with your insurance company reimbursing you for your visit at Inner Balance Health Solutions.  I know that no one likes waiting on money, so paying for your visit with a credit card is always an option.   Your easiest solution to receiving your money back from your insurance company quickly is to sign up on their website so you can submit your receipt online, you will be reimbursed by direct deposit to your banking account in most cases if you use this method and it is much faster than waiting on a cheque in the mail.  Most companies require the information from your receipt, some require you to take a picture of your receipt, some do not.  


How long will my appointment be?


This depends upon which kind of appointment you have booked. 

Initial nutrition consulting appointments usually take about 45 minutes, follow ups consulting appointments are 30-40 minutes.  

Initial Base allergy program  appointments are approximately an hour and a half.   Follow up BASE allergy Program appointments are approximately 1 hour each.


Other questions, that I am commonly asked:

I am an athlete, can you help me with my nutrition needs?

I often get asked if I specialize in sports nutrition.  While I do not specialize in sports nutrition, it was a large part of my nutrition studies.  I do regularly assist athletes with their nutrition needs.


Will I get the results of my allergy/sensitivity testing right away?


If we have used blood spot allergy or hormone testing it can take several weeks to receive the results, as it needs to be sent out by mail to the lab.


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