BASE (Body Analysis Sensitivity Elimination)

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BASE (Body Analysis Sensitivity Elimination) addresses sensitivities, imbalance's and intolerance's and helps to reduce and relieve  symptoms. Such as sneezing, nasal congestion, hives, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, digestive issues, bloating, constipation, mood issues and more.

BASE therapy Sessions

  • Nichole provides this revolutionary modality which allows her to identify and relieve many symptoms and imbalance's in the body and body systems. 


  • Each session identifies sensitivities, imbalances and intolerance's and helps to identify, reduce and relieve symptoms.  Sensitivities are identified using applied kinesiology (muscle testing) and electromagnetically charged energy vials.   



  • BASE treatment sessions focus on re-balancing organ systems by stimulating acupuncture points using a sonafon (Intra Sound Technology). 


  • BASE allergy sessions are a safe, natural, relaxing and painless way to relieve symptoms of sensitivities, intolerance's and imbalance's.  . 


  • Clients comment that BASE sessions are as relaxing as a massage.


  • BASE allergy sessions help to reduce symptoms of seasonal, food and pet allergies, as well as address symptoms caused by sensitivities, intolerance's, imbalance's and allergies such as:  sneezing, nasal congestion, sinusitis, rashes,  eczema, psoriasis, hives, headaches, joint pain, digestive issues, constipation, bloating and food cravings.  See client testimonials here:


  • Nutrition is an important part of re-balancing and preventing disease and disorder in the body and it is recommended that you combine nutrition counselling with your BASE Allergy Sessions, for best results.


  • One to two BASE allergy sessions can be added to nutrition counselling, to provide accelerated and improved results to your nutrition goals.





 What is different about BASE allergy sessions compared to other allergy, intolerance and imbalance solutions?


  • Instead of identifying allergies, sensitivities, intolerance's and imbalance's and advising that you avoid the issues that are causing the symptoms, BASE allergy sessions concentrate on re-balancing body systems, promoting overall body wellness and healing, often relieving the issues that caused the allergy, sensitivity or intolerance reaction in the first place, therefore relieving the symptoms.  (Nichole makes no claims to cure allergies, and BASE is not recommended for anaphylactic allergies)

What is the first step required to start BASE allergy therapy sessions?

You will need an initial nutrition consultation appointment, as this appointment includes client intake, health history, health issues that you are wanting to address and sensitivity testing.


Payment plans are available for the BASE Allergy sessions, call Nichole and she will figure out a package that suits your financial needs


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